Trees in the Landscape

 Tree Care

Arboriculture is essentially the management of trees. This includes tree planting and aftercare i.e. tree surgery. A tree will take many years to reach maturity, you could be fortunate enough to have a mature tree in our own garden or simply "borrow" trees from nearby.

Trees are a valuable resource in the landscape and should be cared for. Proper management is necessary in areas where people and trees interact, this is often when the services of a tree surgeon are required.




Different tree species have differing characteristics and therefore require tailored care. We can advise on how or when is appropriate to prune a tree so as to maintain integrity, improve its amenity value and prolong lifespan.

Occasionally a tree may need to be totally removed. Perhaps it was poorly located on a site, has become a health and safety issue, or may be in the way of essential construction. We would always advise our customers to think seriously before removing something that has taken many years to grow without good reason.